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There is no project that is too big or too small for our team. At Rodent Proof, we aim to provide you with the best service and ensure that your safety and needs always come first. With a professional and trustworthy staff, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Rodent Proofing

Rats and Mice are in every neighborhood in California in fact over 30% of homes are occupied by rats. Rodent Proofing Is the first step that should be taken for any interior rodent problem. Only by repairing any openings conducive to rodent entry will you gain long term control. Rodent proofing is our specialty, we take a top to bottom approach and seal any openings from the roof to the ground. Our work is backed by a 2 year guarantee.

Trapping Services

Trapping services may be needed in your home or building. All of our rodent proofing plans Include a trapping service where we return weekly to catch and remove any rats or mice that may be locked inside after all the entry points have been sealed. We are committed to ensuring our customers infestations are completely resolved. Rats and mice aren't the only critters we offer trapping for, Rodent Proof can handle it all whether you have pesky gophers or other wildlife.   

Residential and Commercial Pest Control

We believe in taking the time and care to provide a quality and effective service on each of our pest control treatments. Our maintenance programs will keep your pest problems in the past. The Goal at Rodent Proof is to provide a safe pest free environment for your family or business.

Eco Pest Control

Eco-pest services put a stronger focus on IPM (Integrated Pest Management) practices. We can keep you pest free while significantly reducing our footprint on the environment. Using Eco Products while using non chemical means to treat your home we can manage most pest problems. 

Attic Cleaning and Insulation Replacement

Dealing with the aftermath of a rodent infestation. An attic restoration project is often needed in homes following a moderate rodent problem. Rats and mice are constantly using the restroom and can leave your attic a mess. Typical signs of a rodent infestation will be Urine odors from urine saturated in the insulation, droppings scattered across the attic, and damaged insulation from rodents chewing to build nests. These conditions attract other rodents to your home due to pheromones in the urine, and can often be a smelly breading ground for bacteria and diseases. This is resolved by removing all contaminated insulation, vacuuming all remaining droppings then disinfecting the attic with a fog application and finally installing new insulation leaving your attic looking brand new. 

Bee Treatments and Hive Extractions

Bee Swarms can be a scary encounter but bees can play an important role in our environment. At Rodent Proof we only treat for bees if they are a danger to your home, business or are causing damage to your property. Following a bee treatment, extraction of the hive is needed to prevent issues like pheromones attracting other bee colonies, leftover honey attracting rodents and insects like cockroaches, and having the honey seep down walls into sockets potentially staining drywall. Depending on the area the hive is located this can be in an attic or a wall.

Baiting and Monitoring Services

Rodents around your home? Bait station services will control your exterior rodent problems by competing with there reproductive rate you can greatly reduce the population around your home or business. 

Bird Control

Our bird control method range from prevention measures like bird proofing/netting to deterrents that make birds uncomfortable. They can be a nuisance underneath roof tiles, under solar panel arrays, on window sills, under eaves, on beams and even in the attic.

Bat Removal and Prevention

Bats! We use non-lethal method of controlling all bat infestations. If you see a bat exorcise cautions as they are carriers for many diseases. Our services essentially lock the bats out of the property while preventing them from re-entry. It is advised to have a sanitation service done on any infested areas after removal.

Rabbit and Snake Fencing

Rabbit's getting into your garden? Spot snakes in the back yard? There is still hope. Our snake and rabbit fencing services create a physical barrier around your fence line preventing the entry into your back yard. The process is simple, dig 2-3 feet down into the ground around your fence line and run screen from below the ground to above the ground a few feet and attaching to your existing fence.

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